Why Paint

I practice the practice of letting go, spread across the canvas. I open myself to that which moves through us and I move with it across the canvas. I pursue the point at which mediocrity is meditative, mayhem evokes music, madness makes magic and movement is medicine.

Sometimes I am ahead of things and sometimes I’m behind. Other times I’m alongside floating along the tide.

I connect to the canvas, I connect to our past.
I connect to the color, I connect so we can last.
I connect and heed the medium as the motion feeds the fast.

My job is to cultivate a raw & rhythmic resonance with my work so that a story can unfold and collective experience can be revealed. I want to produce work that alleviates the pain of the past and ignites a collective ability to thrive in the present.

I want to press my heart through the wall and disguise it as art.
I want to paint this art and field the call, and defend it with my heart.
I want to put my heart up on the wall and offer what it is as art.

I want something I’ve never had so I'm doing things I have never done. 

  September '22