Born in the northeast and having lived in Berlin, London, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR, I feel very fortunate to now hang my hat in Santa Fe having moved here sight unseen in August 2021.

My curiosity for the sun tattered terrain and my aspiration to experience the vast beauty and stillness of the high desert has been on a steady simmer for years as my first fascination with the desert southwest came about during a 21-day float down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 2010.

I remember the novel feeling being awestruck by nature for 3 weeks straight in a way that was nearly as foreign to me as I was to this otherworldly landscape. The vibrant colors of the canyons and skies, the sheer magnitude of the landscape and history, and the unparalleled power propelled by water in motion to construct and destroy life still gives me chills.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minor studies in Philosophy, Religion and Spanish, and a Master of Arts in Classical Acting, my professional life has taken me from education, hospitality and the performing arts, to fitness, event planning and eCommerce, back to the performing arts, and now to the visual arts.

With the launch of this website and a return to a passion that first burned when I was a kid, I am committed to leaning into the unexpected curves of life on the road ahead. 

When I am not in the mountains, on a river, with those I love, or making art, I often wish I was.

It wasn't until my first acting class in Los Angeles at 22 years old that I openly thought acting was the best vehicle for my creativity and the best foundation for the life I envisioned. I had long planned to be an actor since I first stepped on top of a milk crate in my cousins' basement decades before.

After being derailed from the plans we all had in March of 2020, I spent the next 8 months writing, producing and recording a lyrical-spoken-word music album.

Though entirely gratifying, it wasn't enough. I needed something more visceral, more instinctual, more loose and unrestrained.

I returned to the clarity of color & movement and painted 150+ works over 10 months using acrylics, pastels, oil sticks, and paint pens.

I wrote many verses of prose poetry to pair with many more paintings over another month.

In November 2021, three months after arriving in Santa Fe, I hosted a showing at my home studio with 40 abstract pieces I produced the previous 90 days. I invited those I knew in town at that point and first spoke aloud my plan to build a website to connect with more people and to support myself.

It seems that an untethered pursuit of raw and rhythmic expression through color, movement and abstraction which, at times, runs parallel to rhythmic language with an aggressive urgency, may actually be the best means for satiating my deep-seated desire for creativity, purpose, and a fulfilling connection to the world around me.

I want to work hard to make art my means of earning a healthy living and I want to continually grow through my work and through the people it brings me into contact with.
I am now launching this online shop with many lives lived behind me and I am next to certain this new chapter will be my most uninhibited and most fulfilling yet.

Thank you for reading and thank you for taking an interest in the work I do all the more.

  September '22
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